Beer coasters collection by Oleg Ionov

Here is my collection of beer coasters (or beermats, or bierdeckels) started at 22 August 2010. If you want to present me some coasters or to make exchange please contact me.

Today in my collection:
Coasters: 28958, countries: 188, brands: 6400
Last updates
2021-11-28 Added to exchange: 30 pcs. Countries: Denmark, Turkey
2021-11-26 Added to exchange: 22 pcs. Countries: Russia
2021-11-16 Added to collection: 24 pcs. Countries: Belgium, Norway, Russia, USA
2021-11-16 Added to exchange: 1 pcs. Countries: Russia
2021-11-15 Added to exchange: 5 pcs. Countries: Norway
2021-11-14 Added to collection: 38 pcs. Countries: Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Vietnam
2021-11-14 Added to exchange: 2 pcs. Countries: Austria, Belgium
2021-11-13 Added to collection: 88 pcs. Countries: Canada, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, USA
2021-11-10 Added to collection: 72 pcs. Countries: Germany, Russia
2021-11-06 Added to collection: 64 pcs. Countries: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Syria
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